Dragon/Troop Compatibility

Dragon + Troop Compatibility Chart

Since the release of the Spectral Ruins and Anthropus Talismans, there has been a lot of demand for information on the compatibilities of the Great and Elemental Dragons with other troops.

For levels 9 & 10, high ranged troops (LJs, FMs) are optimal. But if they are not available, LBM can be substituted as long as you accept the risk of losing them to RNG.

Dragon Compatible Troops Best Troops Incompatible Troops

Great LBMs, LJs, Banshee Ranged SSDs, BDs

Water LBMs, LJs, Banshee Ranged SSDs, BDs

Stone LBMs, LJs Ranged SSDs, BDs

Fire LJs Ranged SSDs, BDs

Wind Banshees Speed BDs, and all ground troops really.

Frost LBMs, LJs, Banshee Ranged SSDs, BDs


Serpent SSDs, BDs dragons LBM

Dragon/Troop Compatibility

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